Listening to the chimes

Listening to the chimes

Still to every note

Breathe in one 

Unison inside

Balance in unsteady 



These are a small fraction of the Value structures I hold dearly and believe to be absolutely true…what are yours? Can you write yours down?

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha….i must now say something…it cannot be held in…like the blue force of life in the Guardians of the Galaxy…all that was was your life force…and our life force…duhhhhhhhhhhhh!

WARNING! IF you do not read this with an open and pure heart then you will mistake my words as false…please don’t do that…if you cant do that dont read it…or do…and be AGITATEDDDDDDDDDDDDUH
I will re-write 3 poorly written and inappropriately percieved realities…
Indian: ANY AND ALL- who choose to conciously live in the present reality and accept it as it is…
           WHO CHOOSE – TO ACCEPT- the REAL ity, that we are stewards of the entire earth, and our
           entire selves and others.
Mental Illness: Any mental Imbalance regardless of the mask that the person is PROJECTING (and a projection is only a facet of reality)
                   AND wearing the mask that HAS (chosen to be) degredated segredated and infantile-ated in such an extreme sense that the         person truely believes (true belief is action..) that He/She can control another being of any kind and force it to do what
it/he/she wants to do.
THIS IS TRUE MENTAL ILLNESS…NOT AN (INNAPROPRIATE DEVELOPMENTAL PROGRESSION) fuck that…fuck that thought process…leave humanity alone PLEASE…or it and nature WILL LASH BACK WITH HOLY FIRE AND ICE AND EARTH AND WIND that will descend upon you in a greater force than any cumulation of any armys arrows that have ever existed in arrow and bullet form…BEWARE OF YOUR ACTIONS LEST YOU DIE BY YOUR OWN SWORD…you have cultivated all your troubles and miseries…it is not possible for anyone else to do that for you…at the heart of your very being is the power to be happy in LITERALLY ANY EXTERNAL CIRCUMSTANCE…stop pussy futtin around and LIVE YOUR GOD DAMN LIFE AS IF IT WAS YOUR LAST EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY!
you choose…
a true shaman has alwaYS BEEN and IS more powerful than any human force or creation… PERIOD.
WHITE PEOPL:E: anyone with the previous definition as their current and complete value stucture. PERIOD.
LOOK up this video if you want to see where the prophets are…you just forgot what they look like and
 how they speak…
IF you currently believe that there are none…and they are mostly not the preachers priest and people in power…period.+=≠≠≠.
ALso…PLEASE GO WATCH THELMA AND LOUISE> is my new favorite movie and the good guys of the movie are my new heroes and
Thank you every good and pure police officer and soldier who ever has and ever will execute perfect justice without any qualms or remorse for
executing appropriate force. Seriously, genuinely, from the bottom of mine and others hearts…you are thanked and loved and appreciated more
than you will ever know or experience…keep being good for humanity so others can see the RIGHT AND PURE AND PROPER AND GOOD
RIGHTEOUS way to live…it isnt rocket science…take care of your demons…give yourself and talents to others…believe in yourself and others and
accept the REALITY that you have always had every capability of taking care of yourself, others and the earth but you have not chosen if your
actions do not indicate what is TRUTH…your actions illuminate the state of your heart dearly beloved humans…WE ARE HERE FOR A
If you dont know, maybe you dont…
but you can.        P E R I O D. everyone. PERIOD. back off, give slack, slack off, offput and dont go off…the deep end of humanity
Please go look up pharmacological truth
make your truth reality in action
otherwise your values ARE FALSE AND FAKE AND AN ILLUSION OF THEORY THAT IS NOT REAL>>>….<<<  GEEZE WHY IS THIS SO HARD TO GET THROUGH THE HUMAN SKULL…we are more brilliant than all the computers that have ever existed…they all pale in comparison to the true human brains…
and please…try to prove me wrong with PROOF that these are not UNIVERSAL TRUTHS AND REALITIES…please >;)
think for yourself.
Be yourself.
If this music does not feel good and you want to CHANGE it by your choices…
you can change it by buying or giving me old musical equipement…
I need a loop recorder, a keyboard, a laptop capable to handle mastering tracks and the program to do it…and a few good mics to record the best quailty possible…if not…wait until I get my own resources to achieve this goal…thanks for listening…i love you forever and always with all of my heart and choose to claim that I WILL NEVER HARM ANOTHER TRUE HUMAN BEING OR ANY BEING CONSCIOUSLY WITHOUT CONTROLLING MY THOUGHTS FEELINGS AND ACTIONS…there is always the chance to have a reason for everything you do from breathing or talking or acting…always…. PERIOD.
CONSIDER…these words from the prophets D’ANGELO AND THE VANGUARD  “I’m not talking about the Jesus the cracker christ”
Do you ever wonder why the values you seek and envy in others are inaccessable to you? Well it is because you are not in actual control of your mental and emotional processec of the body and mind…which is 100% possible for everyone…period.
Change yourself…the time is now…to WAKE UP HUMANITY.
THIS VERY DAY IS THE APPROPRIATE DAY TO CHANGE YOUR LIVES FOR THE GOOD OF YOURSELF AND HUMANITY WHICH IS AVAILABLE TO YOU EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY>>>THANK YOU FOR THIS PLACE AND THESE PEOPLE WHO DESERVE TRUE AGAPE LOVE>>>>…….PERIOD. end of story, or is it just the beginning…you get to c0-write and execute the rest of your story if you so choose the true path of the red man indian and red path… (or rainbow path…thats my favorite…IVE ALWAYS LOVED ALL THE COLORS EQUALLY….and pink is my favorite…believe and you shall recieve healing from the TRUTH
the only difference in any path is the stark black and white contrast of theory and action. THEY ARE ONE OR THE OTHER AND WIL:L NEVER BE ONE   . .   . SNOWBALL YALL, its coming, i promise, watch and live my beautiful family…dddddd I/We just wanna get back to the way we use to be and who WE (collectively) ARE INHERENTLY…Join the revolution Y’all…aight? Artists are and always were our true prophets and their prophecies lie open for all to see, be an artist and you shall be on the path of “enlighenment”    ….    Because when is the last time your “prophecies” and “scriptures” actually made you get up and dance and want to tell all of humanity your truths? Oh never? or only half the time? Well thats because when you dont dance you dont hear the song properly…
There is always a perspective better than yours if your perspective isnt actively changing your life, your harnessing of mental and emotional mastery…this is true. This is O U R destiny…
If your OPINION is that this is my OPINION…it is not…this is thousands of years of knowledge and wisdom regurgitated through my ignorant and highschool level of western societies education…which was never enough for me…ever. Terrible stimulation…incomplete perspective which leads to disaster…comprehensive education is TRUE edcation and that SHOULD be the standard for anyone who whishes to be in any seat of power whether School Teacher, music teacher, political teacher, presidential teacher, military teacher, ANYONE IN ANY SEAT OF POWER THAT TELLS ANYONE BUT THEMSELVES TO DO…PERIOD. FACT. !00percent MY BELIEF AND CURRENT VALUE STRUCTURE> BOOMSHAKLAKA-
IF you wish to offer a rebuttal to any or all of what I have said I would like to politely ask that you would first aquire a controlled synchronicity of your mind and emotions, harness your mind and body before you say something foolish that does not make sense and confuses…let it be articulated well, with complex and simple phrases that all can understand else it is either false or true depending on many things…

Writing is too serious, you first need some drugs music(ians) and possibly cigarettes if indeed you are going as fast as you think you might be


                                                     A random walk down Pharmacy Lane

                                      Alas the time is not nigh for the comparison 
                                  of the two to become itself, but firepower will be 
                                           utilized to examine this 
               ON THE SAME PAGE>>>>>>>>>>>
Attention! Defi-CIT with!  DIS-order! and Hyper-Activity!
“Methamphetamine hydrochloride tablets are indicated as an integral part of a total treatment program which typically includes others remedial measures (psychological, educational, social) for a stabilizing effect in children over 6 years of age with a behavioral syndrome characterized by the following group of developmentally inappropriate symptoms: moderate to severe distractibility, short attention span, hyperactivity, emotional lability, and impulsivity. The diagnosis of this syndrome should not be made with finality when these symptoms are only of comparatively recent origin. Nonlocalizing (soft) neurological signs, learning disability, and abnormal EEG may or may not be present, and a diagnosis of central nervous system dysfunction may or may not be warranted.”
Please excUSEme whilst I go off on these Fuckers of mothers
              fathers and children, all who are sadly asleep
     so we shall not weep
 but cry, in anger
as THE
“Methamphetamine hydrochloride tablets are indicated as an integral part of a total treatment program which typically includes others remedial measures (psychological, educational, social) for a stabilizing effect in children over 6 years of age with a behavioral syndrome characterized by the following group of developmentally inappropriate symptoms:”
So much to say and time can suck it. Indicated as an  “INTEGRAL” part of a “TOTAL” treatment program which “TYPICALLY” includes other remedial measures… 
So… Indication and Typically do NOT, really seem to align with the absolutions that Integral and Total seem to claim religious attachment to. That is one small aspect of this diamond of filth…
(psychological, educational, social) Ewwwwwww, let us not even delve into the psychotic  brainDEATH, SIN-full possibilities all of which are multi-faceted portions of truth, all of which have been sadly deprived of their original synchronistic breath. This multitude of demonic god-lusting plagues MUST be ERADICATED and EXORCISED! Let us do all in our ever present artistic intuitive objection-ALL awareness to shroud this darkness in the light of DARK-Light FILLED consciousness with every movement of every moment that shall ripple until the waves of glory become as Tsunamis in the hearts of every men. LET THEM TREMBLE!
“for a stabilizing effect in children over 6 years of age with a behavioral syndrome characterized by the following group of developmentally inappropriate symptoms:”
STABILIZING EFFECT!?!?! ARE NOT effects a temporal illusion?! ; which only serve to extend the t i  m   e deception… that MISERY. deceptively stepping into the shadows, WILL, in FACT, RETURN FOR YOU! The only sin, the only darkness, the only SATAN is a reality able to be harnessed my friends. REACTION! NON-OBJECTIVE, NON-INTUITIVE, NON-LOVING naan-ATTACHED demonic anti-emotional anti-intellectual DILLUSIONARY self-deceptive smoke in the GOD DAMN mirror…WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP THIS IS ONLY A DREAM THAT YOU HAVE CREATED! STOP BEING YOUR OWN SLAVE> TAKE THE FUCKING RAINBOW COLORED PILL, THE MATRIX IS REAL AND YOU ARE THE CONTROLLER AND ALL OF ITS MINIONS. You my dear sweet loved human BEING, are a special part of every moment you have previously been a part of creating. You choose the afflictions and agitation that you daily hourly minutely REACT to. Every single time you react to something you percieve to be something like “pain, heat, cold, annoyance, syndromes, dis-ease, impatience, over-indulgent anger love and passion, and every other stupid word attachment that you cling to, cultivates itself and allows the perception to multiply until at some point in your life you experience some form, fashion or extent of depression, sadness, exhilaration, need, want, unwant, (INSERT ANY ILLUSIONARY AVERSION OR ATTACHMENT)
Any of these can be GOOD or BaD, any can be MORAL or IMMORAL, any can be anything…
And all can be light again if one recognizes all as simple present moment reality. All sensations that you hold on to are only SENSATIONS. HEAT, pressure, tingling, movement, cold, and any number of neutral objective statements. These are just road signs…≥≥≥≥≥≥≥ POINTING in STRONG WORDS, of offered wisdom. WISDOM, that which is free to all should be freely given. 
I must break off at this point and POINT out a conversation that I had earlier with a dearly beloved friend, let me go ask him if I can just copy and paste our conversation to make this easier for me (or my wife who is currently driving and has been for a while)
Well, as my fingers were running away, I forgot to check for a response, and the response was a RESOUNDING, “Yes of course”
 We will call these Characters Bloke and Black.
  Here is our conversation…
Bloke: Awesome man! I’m super stoked to see my family (smiley face) hey if i send you a paragraph that i found will you read it and tell me 
if its as fucked as i think it is? I’m gonna try to break it all down and write about the different topics I’ve read lol. My mind just fucking takes off when i smoke (insert smiley face, image of praying hands that seem to be clapping and purple smiley devil face)
Black: Yeah man haha gladly send it over
Bloke: Sweeeeet. …:dkcnadknofmdivn (followed by article quoted above) Just took me off guard how blatantly well articulated they with stheir words
gonna start writing, and listening to a new obsession from Zane… An incredible musician from San Diego calling himself Gonjasufi. It’s like 70s psychedelic hip hop transmuted into the present… trippy
Black: Gonjafufi is sick man, he releases off Flying Lotus’ label. Big fan. 
Tearing into passage now…
Hahaha… Not appropriate with established developmental standards. Dysfunctional diagnosis may or may not be warranted. Methamphetamine tablets not recommended. 
Very articulate indeed
Wouldn’t want anyone developing in appropriately!         (Whilst I AM not the brightest crayon in the box, 
   I AM, ALMOST positive that he meant to inject
                           sarcasm in every letter of the last sentence)
(insert smiley face)
Bloke: Hahahahaha Exactly!
I’m envoking the powers of my Indian ancestors to put into this writing of indignant rage of those sweet sick folk
Black: You’re crafting a piece of writing? Full of rage you say?
Bloke:I’m listening to a Sufi and a Killer (insert double beer animated image, monkey covering mouth, and scaredy cat
The most holy rage I know how to exhibit (insert monkey covering eyes, monkey covering ears, monkey covering mouth)
(insert purple smiling devil, purple frowning devil, frowny face containing madness that comes out nostrils into steam)
Black: I was reflecting earlier on the nature of hilarity itself when I was smoking pot and it took me to a really interesting place
( erroneous smidgen of conversation omitted) 
Black: Couldn’t really describe it haha it was definitely beyond words
Bloke: I would love to hear about that
Hahaha well that’s good enough lol
Black: Like that moment when something is first dawning on you… And that strange crack through your system when whatever the joke sets in. Strange how laughter builds on itself, and on the laughter of other people. Just like love it latches onto itself and multiplies, for its own sake. Almost like every little thing about the human condition is absurdly funny and everything around us crushingly beautiful such that the only appropriate response is to laugh like no one has ever laughed before.
Some very deep widsom to laughing
And I suspect damn near everything is worth laughing about
Can’t put my finger on it yet…
Bloke: A fucking men
And lets throw that whacky suspect(ion) out the window and just go ahead and make that a new universal law inside and outside self. U be spittin prophecy mon
may it always be true
Black: Haha sounds like a plan man, all my idols were big laughers anyway.
My old lady tai chi teacher dude!
She was on the verge of cracking up hysterically every fucking moment
The look on her face was the look you find on toddlers who are smiling so big its like their face might break.
Bloke: Geeze dude, the powers are strong within you! I just had some lols that might have been rofls or lmaos or lolcanoes if I weren’t in the car with two devices and 3-4 things going at once lol
Black: Powers to do what??
Just what I’ve been asking myself
Bloke: Make people laugh! That’s like being Cupid in the land of love my friends. And your quiver never runs dry. Why you think Buddha is always depicted smiling or laughing…silly maf. Quit all that asking yo self and start showering flames of fucking hilarity so all these miserable fools can laugh themselves to the path of enlight(laugh)ment (insert multitude of various smileys)
Damn, miss you maf
Black: lolol
Thats good stuff
Miss you too brotherman!!
So much love from Portland! wherever you settle will be visiting before long. 
Colorado is fantastic.
Bloke: Gotta make it cryptic or funny the way I’m beginning to see it…
Black: I count myself super lucky to have lived in Colorado and Oregon, my two favorite states (so far)
Bloke: You too brother! May it never be long before we see one another
Indeed man, Colorado is crack and Oregon is everything
Black: Yeah you should get all cryptic on their ass (they being the unassuming American public). 21st century needs a new Edgar Allen Poe. 
(of which I shall never claim to be, after all, he was just some guy in the past that told stories…right?)
Expose the grotesque for beauty, beauty as grotesque!
Bloke: Lovely words, God damn I love you brother. In the truest sense I’ve been able to figure out so far…gotta go write now. Let’s phone chat soon.
(insert octopus, spiral-ular shell, dolphin and pufferfish)
(insert red heart <3)
Bloke: That was super rad…like a live painting (insert christmas tree, pop-eyed ghost sticking tongue out trying to scare, reel to reel camera, and some triage of possible bamboo that has been slit in such a way that one would play music through)
Black: Everything is everything, nothing created nothing destroyed
Bloke: Truth from the tooth, or some where?
Hey may I use part of our earlier convo to make a point in my article (which will be namelessly posted on WordPress) I’m going to make a 
new one in a pseudo name which I will send a link to
Black: Yes of course
What’s the link to yr blog?
AND NOW LAD ies and GENTLE men, back to our regular schedule program!
Tesla knew what was up… He fully-realized, within the multitudes of universes inside him and all of us, that E N E R G Y, really was free…I mean it is EVERY THING. Seriously, this is only scientifically accepted truth in the upside-down  (UP side DOWN) hourglass that lies dormant in every heart not on the TRUE PATH. And I mean to stir up as much trouble as possible until this incredibly beautiful and feeble body passes back into rainbow fucking light love energy!.! 
All the mad artists, and all the mad humans who have and have not ever been put in jeopardy through the powers that be, whether through jail, mental hospitals, frame, shame, tamed, or just plain TRICK FUCKERY…are all, have are and will be full of wisdom and truth. Whether or not you know it, every word you speak is a prophetic message from yourself and all other conscious beings, which is everything we have and have not explored…telling you to return to your natural breath, your natural flow, your natural powers of observation:- ) ( un-ADULTerated by the lies that currently flow through your veins. 
Let us pause for another story, (All experienced with my wife the observer. How magnificently wise She IS!@)
           One day we were walking around the Oregon Coast on the beach of Cape Outlook State park. Magnificent
and Incredibly mind fractaling beauty. (There was an Old Growth Sitka Rainforest on a Peninsula 5-10 minutes from
the campground that one could see SEA-Lions, KILLER-whales, or possibly even GREY-whales migrating up and
down the coast)
While we were lovingly admiring all we could see with every sense we had the sense to utilize, we came to what
was initially percieved to be a stopping point. Which was a part of the cliff that gradually extended out, descending in
height, and had different eco-systems for every few feet of change that we saw. We discovered Giant Light Purple Sea
Anemones, Tides, and so many other beautiful forms. One of which just so happened to be a de-attached Muscle.
I decide, unthinkingly, and pick up this beautifully full of life form and notice that It had the tiniest slit in its two
shells. A moments notice passes and I open my hand to discover that the shells had closed the previous gap of interest.
This is the first realization that I had; it’s still alive! How wonderful to discover a being that would usually seem to be
gripping with all its tiny strength, to the stillness of the rocks upon which it laid. I close my hand and continue walking
barefoot on the wondrously rugged texture of the rocks. Seemed like we wanted to cross this barrier of rock to see
what lied on the other side. And as we continued we saw families of Giant Sea Anenomes and a tiny cove, almost
succumbing to our observation and missing the tremors of the lowering tide. Just before the crash of the largest
tremor reached the cove, we scrambled up above the sand floor just escaping the powerful waves that seemed to have
already gone back into the ocean. Whence upon my hand I looked, this sweet mass protected by two strong shields,
had begun to open itself to the warmth of my hand. A part of the story I accidentally forgot to mention was when I
picked up the muscle, I had a thought about whether or not I should eat this shell raw. Since we were literally as close
to sea-food as we could get, I figured it might be worthwhile to eat this muscle raw in its most natural state.
Once I realized that this being decided to open itself up to the heat of my body, and if closed could be conjured out by warm breath
poured gently into the opening of my hand cave, I had an epiphany, EVERY-thing really does have consciousness. We watched as this pink
mass slowly exited the safety of its home to explore the environment around it. It looked as like a pink form from Flubber if you have had
the pleasure of watching this Robin Williams feature film. Subtly it moved its mass in perfect slowness exploring until it reached its limit and
shrouded itself in its iron grip once again. BREATH, again and again, drew this little one out of its confines. The last experience I had
worth noting, was when I dipped the shell in the ocean, and a residual amount of the ocean water lie still in my hand, this soft subtle form
went as far as to manipulate its self into an elongated soft stalactite shape and reach out to touch the palm of my hand. Or one could say
it touched the water that bridged the gap between its consciousness and mine own. Intimate experiences with all Nature are prevalent and
awaiting your arrival of awareness.
                                                     -</( BE STILL AND KNOW THAT YOU CAN…
Develop-Mental_ly IN-appropriate SYN-dromes (or was it drones…cant remember)
So what you are saying is that the mental development that you deem to be appropriate is in the direct hands of a pill you neither recommend or have any control over (how it affects each individual)?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
And this built upon a foundation of four words that contradict themselves directly down the middle of sanity, in. 
Oh may all your sinful ways be reflected tenfold into your present and future reality in such a way that will render you completely and absolutely free from your “wicked ways.”
Why this quotation around the last phrase? Well, this could go on all night but for now shall be kept short…
The smallest part of every form of life that (i know of) we as a human society have been able to “discover” and label 
with the crutches of stereotypes, (and crutches are supposed to be for the weak and/or injured) Is the ever unraveling 
beauty that we call the “atom .” 
Previous fantasies of the world being flat said that the atom COULD NOT BE SPLIT. And these percieved and communicated truths
at the time of past reality seemed to be true to these meditator and scientists. It has been said that Gotma the Buddha was able observe 
while meditating, the deepest realities of his body. All the way down to the “Atom” and what he was able to see about its existence. Then 
came a bright young doctor who built upon the foundations of men a way to “see” with the grossest awareness of his eyes, THE ATOM!? 
And once hearing about this foreign man who was able to discover the same thing in the same lifetime, He jumped across the ocean…or 
swam? Hoping to discover some new technologies of Injun origin, he excitedly went to meet this “educated” man. Once the truth came out 
and his pride was injured by the fact that Gotma used no thing, no consciousness other than the ones he utilized within himself, the man 
became emotionally and intellectually injured to the extent that he brought back condescension in his heart and haughty words to express 
about the fable told of Gotmas experience through observation. 
Well now we know that our current limitation of perception is that the Atom can indeed be split and more truths seem to be apparent
through our smoke coloured lenses. All this to say that everything that we can percieve at this present time in our existence is ENERGY. Free flowing beautiful magical majestic E N E R G YYYYYYYYYYYYYY-YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYGGGGGRRRRREEEEEENNNNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAnd it all seems like a wave that is getting bigger and smaller and the smaller it gets the more it looks like a straight line but it is never a straghtLinE………………………………… All is just a different wavelength of energy.
All free for you, me and WE. Because when w e are a WE, then the beauty that
comes from our corral reef like the bees shalt create most exuberant and life
giving energy that may just in fact become a burning incense of food for
another life. mmmmm, i love honey
When all is perceived for what it is, then all previous attachments to labels and stereotypes become as dust in the wind. Slowly being dissolved by continuity of practicing your own STILL SELF, objectively developing awareness of your breath, and the touch of your breath on your upper lip. Once you can sit still and notice multiple sensations that you may or may not be able to describe, try sitting still for an hour. 30-45 minutes may not seem
like alot, but once your limitation is reached, your perceptioun of pain and un-pleasant-ness  will come roaring about like a possessed lion to devour your hard work. But be ye not AFRAID. For in your suffering you may find a tool, a treasure, a GEM. Which is that all sensations are just energy manifesting in different ways and each one can be used as a tool to develop observations that allowed the Spartans to be themselves, and the Tarahumara to run for days, and every other Indigenous culture or enlightened group of people that may or may not have purposefully dispersed themselves off the planet, shall have built pyramids and great wonders that we wonder if maybe someone just re-wrote history to be more fun or some silly shot in the dark… a 10-day vippassana meditation of which I have learned to experience most of which I speak about, gave me the tools to unlock that part of your brain that you always knew existed. And it is found through self-acceptance, self-love, and self-empowerment…BUT WAIT, this entirely unselfish objectivity HAS to be tempered with TOLERANCE and continuously be freely given to others in whatever manifestation of TRUE LOVE JOY AND COMPASSION that comes through your vessel of infinite wonder! If you don’t want to share life with others, and do whatever necessary to help others be freed from the death of their minds, then maybe you didn’t read what you acted out in this moment…and if you find any of this hard to follow…GO LOOK UP A FREE 10 DAY COURSE, FREE FOOD, FREE HOUSING and FREE ADVICE to unlock the secrets of the universes within yourself and all others at your local VIPASSANA meditation association. But also beware that some people claim fame to this name and arent really practicing in truth and life.
And Today is a NEW day, as every second. We Proceed with the 
Grace that we have been allowed by OURSelves. And on this day let’s Choose LIFE that we all 
may live and Break the Degredation that has been passed down from GENERATION to 
GENERATION and break these sinful clouds of smoke that we keep calling a mirror when the 
smoke is a PHYSICAL SCIENTIFIC REALITY, and it can teach us many things as it is also in 
the mirror…and recognizing the one first is what cultivates slowly the ability to see outside as 
well but it comes naturally and one must not NEED the constant seeking of understanding. If 
one accepts himself at the deepest level, his darkness slowly unravels the constriction it has 
on the mind and when the mind becomes release the body slowly becomes more fluid and free 
and movement you only dreamed about will slowly pour like water into you rreality. And then 
one must cultivate a salve of love to heal the wounds that the “Darkness’ exodus” shall creat 
like the beauty we call the grand canyon steals the hearts and souls of all who look upon her. 
And such is the reality that is possible, endless dreams you have always had, slowly 
unraveling and building up an energy a love inside of you, a fire that is in side…and if you 
continue to naturally desire to give it away, You will find that the endless elixir, the water of 
life, the fountain of youth, the holy grail, these are all past realities that we must let go of to 
see the ones that have always been inside OURS elves… and when these points of relaxation of the entire existence wash upon you like water, so your movements become as the stream peacefully moving around the boulders of life and even sometimes getting swirled about behind the rock but at least it was not caught by the rock. We may all move as gracefully as we allow. Let us move with all the grace in the world with the hope that all our actions, all our breaths all our everybeings shall transmute our perceptions into new transcendent realities that MUST BE CHOSEN. NO ONE WILL FORCE YOU. Accept your life and live anew, deny it and find every hell every devil every trap shall come about like a ferocious beast looking to devour your soul. For the Computer Lovers, there is no difference between this and one creating a virus for oneself that will multiply until a solution is created to eradicate the self imposed Dis-EASE that may simply be passed through our bowl movements if we find our ELVES of EASE…may you all be happy, may you all be patient with yourselves, may you all be tempered by others humorous actions (which are all, you just arent seeing), may you forever find the endless fountain of love which is inside and outside and must be given away as every good piece of art does not command the looker to see what the artist saw. May every one of us one day remember the art of the coral reef and create our own H O N E YYYYYYYYYYYYY YYYY……….

My beautiful brother!

as I write what needs to be said I am delving into your lovely prophecies of which I am only beginning to understand as they unravel every day before my eyes… I see truth in your words but s seed can only sprout when it is supposed to sprout and if it tries to feel the false sensation of the wind that it knows blows so wonderful and fierce is its love that it awaits the sprout till it is ready to become present in its own existence. Your words inspire and bring light to many if they would only see, this is all for now. Thanks for your work brother, may all who need to hear listen and  follow, themselves into themselves into theirselves and forever bring the energy  of love that ripples out of every one of us. May our eyes unravel and de construct the self constriction and free themselves to freely give to all. Peace and harmony to you brother 😄

May the truth ever be shared with all (My first review on yelp)

Two stars, a generous yet realistic number for the two sided experience I’ve had. Went in for a knuckle/skin infection (the multitude of different people that I experienced never told me their verdict) and at first the reflection seemed smooth with a twinge of weirdness as the undercurrent of feelings. Friendly in a cultish way is one way of describing the initial experience but not quite as well worded as I would like. Then the rabbit hole became weirder and stranger. First off every single person that came in was a different person, I would say I saw between 10-15 different persons who neither gave qualification nor seemed to want to be anyone other than vague. I could give multiple example but in leu of time I shall only give a few. When I was taken into a room to get my hand x rayed, I was left in the room without any explanation of what to do so I started entertaining myself by observing all of the interesting equipment. At least five minutes pass and finally one of the two ladies discussing the fact that this was my first time and seemingly wondering how to go about running a simple hand X-ray of which they only needed three or four takes, decides to speak up and apologize for the wait. And the waiting which seemed to be a consistent theme that I did not mind, but keep in mind that there was only the slightest communication as to what they were doing and why. Seemed that one could take that in multiple ways, one of which could be “why would you assume that I could neither handle the information that you so obviously are not willing to give” nor another
perspective which could be that they are trying to get things done and talking “takes time away from the process.” But when, in the blessed and cursed history of western, or any other direction of medicine, was it necessary to see “15” doctors to get to the obvious conclusion that I could use some strong antibiotics to aid my immune systems response to whatever happened to infect? I already knew that before I stepped foot in the “step ford wife feel” of St. Charles. Who is this St. Charles? Surely he would think their procedure were less than efficient. To top this honest review off with a bit of humor (as if the entire experience was anything less), the nice lady that came in to mark the area of infection so that I helps to measure the progress or digress of the antibiotics affect over the next day. While she was quietly working, I noticed a beautiful tattoo with a language I could not read. I politely asked what her tattoo said. She proceeds in my opinion, with a slight hesitancy that “It’s French…,” then she’s up and leaves the room without a single response to my simple request. Anyhow, the experience was not terrible. It was just incredibly strange the way everything was “managed” if one cared to utilize any amount of objective observational awareness. But what do I know, I am only a high school graduate. My words will pass away with the rest of the absolute universal truth of impermanence. May you always be aware and happy, peace and understanding guiding your every step… 😄

This is who i a m